Defined Contribution

The DeMarche approach to defined contribution services is comprehensive, drawing on our 35+ years of experience evaluating markets, money managers and defined contribution providers. The result is a program that meets the needs of plan participants and helps plan sponsors meet their fiduciary responsibilities.


Surveys have shown that fiduciary liability is a top concern among defined contribution plan sponsors. Historically, however, plan sponsors have applied different levels of due diligence to defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Because of the size of their assets and the investment risk to the corporation, defined benefit plan sponsors typically perform extensive analysis of investment managers, asset allocation and fees. Ironically, the same is not generally true of defined contribution plan sponsors. With a defined contribution, or 401(k) plan, the burden of performance shifts to the employee. Because of this, management is often lulled into complacency. Several factors have led to an increased focus on the due diligence for defined contribution plans, including:

  • Defined contribution plans are more visible to employees because they are portable.
  • Defined contribution plans are becoming a significant, if not singular, source of many participants' retirement assets.
  • DC plans are under increasing scrutiny from employees - everyone seemingly is an investor in the new millennium - the Department of Labor and the courts.
  • About half of all retirement plans do not have investment guidelines in place.


Our comprehensive program of defined contribution services is designed to develop, build and maintain a successful benefit plan for sponsors and participants.