Investment Policy Development & Revision

A well-run investment program is built on the foundation of a thoughtful and thorough investment policy.


Investment Policy is a combination of philosophy and planning and expresses trustees’ attitudes toward various investment management issues. It serves as a form of long-range strategic planning that defines specific investment goals. Our approach uses an interactive process with clients that covers detailed discussions regarding the fund’s mission, investment risk tolerance, investment objectives (absolute and relative), the right policy asset allocation, investment management structure and performance evaluation guidelines. All decisions leading to adoption of investment policy are documented. This helps assure continuity in the fund’s operations and structure and establishes a base for future decisions.

By analyzing both long-term and shorter-term views, we position our clients to most appropriately structure their portfolios given their specific views on risk and return tradeoffs.

Documentation of all decisions
All asset allocation decisions leading to the adoption of investment policy are documented. This helps assure continuity in the fund’s operation and structure despite future changes in trustees or investment committee members.

Establish a base for future decisions
The establishment of an investment policy and long-term targeted asset allocation serves as the foundation on which all other decisions can be made with confidence.

Perhaps the most important benefit of working with DeMarche is the ideal environment our consultants create for making crucial policy decisions about your fund. Our resources and expertise enable you to understand the variables of asset optimization and explore varying investment approaches to achieve your fund’s objectives. In the end, you will have total confidence in your decisions, and you will have complete documentation of the thought process used to reach them.


Institutional Investment Management Focus Team |  Investment Policy Development & Revision

Mark A. Andes

Senior Consultant, Manager of Investment Research for Alternative Assets

James F. Dykstal, CFA

Senior Consultant

Donald H. Lennard

Senior Consultant

Timothy J. Marchesi, CFA

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Ryan M. Pickert

Director of Business Development

Adam J. Strumpf, CAIA

Senior Consultant, Chief Compliance Officer, Manager of Investment Research

Peg VanWagoner

Senior Consultant

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