Manager Optimization

We aid trustees in assessing various manager implementation strategies in a risk budgeting framework.


If the implementation of an optimal portfolio is the final goal of an investment plan, then it requires key manager decisions to take place. The trustees of the plan, with the help of DeMarche’s consultants, will review portfolio decisions and control for diversification, costs, and a plethora of additional investment metrics. Walking you through the manager and portfolio optimization process, DeMarche is able to utilize proprietary tools and modeling which allow for a fully-informed decision. Manager analysis must take place at the individual and group levels. Said another way, a single manager might impact a portfolio in one way, but can also influence risk-return metrics differently at the portfolio level when paired with specific managers. Understanding the friction or unison between managers is one of the ways in which DeMarche helps to add value to overall returns.


Institutional Investment Management Focus Team |  Manager Optimization

Mark A. Andes

Senior Consultant, Manager of Investment Research for Alternative Assets

James F. Dykstal, CFA

Senior Consultant

Donald H. Lennard

Senior Consultant

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