Investment Process


Depending on the level of service you engage, we can perform an asset mix study, work with you to develop your investment policy, determine appropriate asset allocations for your funds, evaluate your current managers, replace non-performing managers and hire new managers as appropriate. Thereafter, we will provide continuous oversight and evaluation services. Your involvement and workload can be reduced to quarterly review and audit meetings with your DeMarche consultant.

Function DeMarche Client Investment
Investment Policy
Asset Allocation Analysis Decision
 Investment Policy Statement Analysis Decision
Portfolio Construction
Investment Strategy Implements Monitors
Manager Structure Implements Monitors
Manager Selection
Manager Search and Selection Implements Monitors
Portfolio Optimization Implements Monitors
Security Selection  Monitors Implements
Tactical Asset Allocation
Rebalancing Implements Monitors
Tactical Shifts Implements Monitors
Ongoing Due-Diligence
Performance Monitoring & Reporting Implements Monitors
Ongoing Manager Due-Diligence Implements Monitors
Manager Retention / Replacement Implements


Institutional Investment Management Focus Team |  Investment Process

Mark A. Andes

Senior Consultant, Manager of Investment Research for Alternative Assets

James F. Dykstal, CFA

Senior Consultant

Timothy J. Marchesi, CFA

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Julie A. Smith

Senior Analyst, Investment Manager Research

Peg VanWagoner

Senior Consultant

Whether you’re an Institution looking for investment services or a Manager looking to contribute to our research program, we’re here to help.