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Putting Research To Work

Since 1974, our team has been putting research to work to guide our valued clients toward reaching their goals.

Est. 1974

Our Philosophy

Different economies create different investment return environments. Within changing economic markets, certain assets provide performance leadership while others may perform poorly.

DeMarche is driven by proprietary research aimed at improving our clients’ bottom line. We focus our research efforts on a better understanding of capital markets and how they act within different environments – both historical and future.

Analyzing markets historically is relatively easy, but forecasting them in a future context and making appropriate changes in investment strategy is difficult. Our goal is to help clients with those difficult decisions and to focus on risk-adjusted returns and adding value to client portfolios.

Who We Serve

Featured Experts

Our professionals have more than 350 years of cumulative experience in consulting, portfolio management, investment research, banking and corporate finance.

Brooke M. Garcia, CFA, CAIA

Client Portfolio Manager, Consultant

Ryan M. Pickert

Consultant, Client Development

Julie A. Smith

Senior Analyst, Investment Manager Research

Mike R. Marsh, CFA

Consultant and Manager of Research

Mark A. Andes

Manager of Investment Research & Alternative Assets and Consultant

James F. Dykstal, CFA

Senior Consultant

Thomas C. Woolwine

Vice Chairman

Adam J. Strumpf

Senior Consultant

Travis C. Newman

Senior Consultant

Donald H. Lennard

Senior Consultant

Peg Vanwagoner

Senior Consultant

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