DeMarche U.S. Market Indexes

Rate of Change
Apr 23, 2014 5-Day 22-Day
DeMarche 30001.691.53
DeMarche Growth1.860.22
DeMarche Value1.532.86
DeMarche Aggressive3.42-2.12
DeMarche Defensive1.511.94
DeMarche 30001.691.53
DeMarche Growth1.860.22
Large Cap Growth1.680.87
Mid Cap Growth2.41-1.95
Small Cap Growth3.58-5.70
DeMarche 30001.691.53
DeMarche Value1.532.86
Large Cap Value1.403.28
Mid Cap Value2.040.44
Small Cap Value2.31-2.57
Interest Rate1.350.97
Consumer Spending2.170.81
Basic Industry2.042.19
High Dividend Yield1.481.52
Low Dividend Yield3.33-4.91
High PE3.85-6.82
Low PE2.031.06
*Indexes are updated daily

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DeMarche is a leading investment research and financial consulting firm specializing in defined benefit and defined contribution consulting and industry-leading practices in corporate finance and investor relations.

Founded in 1974, we offer an array of consulting services designed to help progressive organizations stay on top of key factors affecting Stock Price, P/E, and COEC. Applications-oriented research and development into finance and investments drives all of our products and services. The benefit for you is better information and improved bottom-line performance.

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