Julie A. Smith

Senior Analyst, Investment Manager Research

Julie Smith is a Senior Analyst in Investment Research at DeMarche, specializing in manager due diligence. She is a member of the MARC Advisory Committee and is co-author of the monthly DeMarche Dashboard, a flash report on securities markets and the economy. Ms. Smith is responsible for on-site manager research and due diligence throughout the U.S. and also performs economic research for DeMarche’s discretionary OCIO affiliate, DMS. In addition, Ms. Smith is a co-leader of the DeMarche Diversity Committee and sits on the DeMarche Charity Committee.

Ms. Smith previously served as a Fixed Income Investment Officer for the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS). She first joined DeMarche in 1996 as a senior analyst for investment manager research. Prior to that, she served as a financial equity analyst and later as a fixed income investment analyst at American Century Investments.

Ms. Smith earned her Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an MBA from Rockhurst University. Ms. Smith is an affiliate member of the CFA Institute.