Benchmarking & Clone Analysis

Traditional approaches to peer group benchmarking rely heavily on industry. While these techniques have valid applications, DeMarche Clone Analysis improves on this process by focusing on factors that are more reflective of a buy-side investment manager and your competitors for capital.

DeMarche Clone Analysis is based on 40+ years of investigating and evaluating institutional investors. Our goal is to narrow the universe of 10,000 stocks to a handful of companies that are most like yours based on industry, financial and growth factors. These companies are your true competitors for capital because they are most like yours in the eyes of institutional investors.

DEMARCHE CLONE UNIVERSE We narrow the universe further to create your DeMarche Clone Group, which is comprised of the companies most similar to yours when combining your financial, growth and industry peers. We tighten the constraints and parameters in order to assemble a group of Company Clones.

APPLICATIONS OF DEMARCHE CLONE ANALYSIS Identifying your true competitors for capital provides a powerful tool for making strategic decisions about your company. Some of the applications of this information include the following:

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Benchmarking for Executive Compensation
  • Basis for P/E Analysis
  • Institutional Investor Targeting
  • Better Database for Researching Corporate Finance Decisions
  • Cost of Equity Capital
  • Stock Splits
  • Stock Repurchase
  • Capital Structure
  • Dividend Policy
  • Relative Valuation