Emily E. Jewett

Manager of Portfolio Accounting

Emily Jewett is the Manager of Portfolio Accounting at DeMarche. She oversees the production of customized client performance reports, which includes managing the collection of manager performance data and calculating and reviewing client performance. With more than 30 years of experience at DeMarche, Ms. Jewett is a key resource for evaluating and auditing financial reporting information from our clients’ custodians and investment managers. She and her team regularly interface with custodians and managers to reconcile anomalies and variances in their reporting and ensure our clients have current, accurate reports of investment performance and asset allocation. In addition to overseeing our standard auditing, Ms. Jewett provides custom audit support to select clients who request those services.

Ms. Jewett also oversees the generation and maintenance of our proprietary peer universes, comprised of more than 6,500 investment strategies. DeMarche has developed and refined these proprietary tools and systems over several decades, and Emily has been actively involved in their development and evolution.

Ms. Jewett earned her MBA from the University of Kansas and her Bachelor of Arts from Emporia State University.