Tools & Data

We emphasize in-house research and have developed industry leading analytic tools. In addition, we also focus on providing education and research products to help our clients gain a thorough understanding of the current investment environment, as well as the potential for future outcomes.

Our end goal is to help our clients determine policies most appropriate for their organization and to conduct effective periodic reviews of portfolios and investment managers.

Our products are available to DeMarche clients and on a request basis for the general public. We look forward to sharing with you our data products and viewpoints on the economy and investment markets.

Capital Market Review

The DeMarche Capital Market Review (CMR) is a quarterly review of global investment markets providing perspective beyond just the data. An understanding of the drivers within markets and factors of attribution are key components needed for an effective review of your total portfolio as well as individual investment managers. Our CMR provides the foundation for these components and serves as an important tool for our clients each and every quarter.

DeMarche Indexes

At DeMarche, we have long focused on quality research when making decisions and recommendations.

As a tool for both us here at DeMarche as well as our clients, we maintain proprietary indexes on approximately 150 different sectors and subsectors in the stock and bond markets. These indexes allow for the most appropriate comparison of performance for managers relative to an index that accurately reflects the type of securities they may hold.

Economic Outlook

Ever-changing markets and economies require constant vigilance to maintain an understanding of the current environment and to be best-prepared to take advantage of it. Our Economic Outlook is updated each quarter and is a summary of important economic data as well as an expression of our view of the environment and key data points to watch over the coming quarters and years.