Our Thinking


Every year we devote a significant portion of our revenues to research aimed at improving your bottom line. We have commissioned some of the brightest minds in business and academia to supplement our in-house research efforts.

This research has molded the core of DeMarche's philosophy. We believe that the old paradigms of Modern Finance are being replaced by "New Finance" and that the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and the Efficient Market Hypothesis are obsolete. These and other insights into the market's inefficiencies are changing the way organizations make financial decisions and determine which stocks to own.

An important product of our research is the development of the DeMarche Factor Models, which have become the technological engines that drive our services. Our factor models accurately measure market inefficiencies, portfolio risk exposures, and firm-specific risk exposures. This technology is built into our consulting practices, producing information you need to make decisions that improve bottom line performance.

A key to getting ahead in business is staying on the cutting edge of your profession. Our network in business and academia enables us to identify trends and develop programs that will keep you ahead of the curve and sharpen your competitive edge. Read more about what keeps us a step ahead of the competition in our recent publications.