Investment Services

As a trusted partner to our clients, DeMarche is committed to adding valuable, research driven insights to help manage their institutional investment programs. We deliver comprehensive, tailored consulting services to help support our client's fiduciary responsibilities. Some of our services include:


Studies show that as much as 90 percent of fund performance is directly attributable to asset allocation. As a result, deciding your fund’s long-term asset allocation and investment guidelines is the most important decision you will make as a fiduciary. DeMarche provides objective, expert interpretation of complex investment data and workable recommendations. The result: We add value to your fund. Our research-based approach, backed by our investment experience, provides tangible benefits that enable your fund to meet its goals.

Investment Outsourcing / OCIO

Investment fund sponsors are increasingly aware of the oversight, investment expertise and time demands required in managing institutional assets. Adding to the pressure of seeking greater absolute returns, sponsors also have to deal with expanding regulatory scrutiny and increasingly complex regulations. To help with the management of these needs, DeMarche has offered investment outsourcing services (OCIO) since 2003. Today, these services are provided through our affiliate Discretionary Management Services, LLC (DMS) which is a registered investment advisor.


DeMarche is committed to knowing the capital markets better than any other consultant. This has helped us build a level of expertise that our consulting group draws upon to address a broad spectrum of financial decisions. We work with boards, executive management and strategic planning teams to shape corporate finance policies and assist on projects such as a cost of equity capital studies, capital structure, dividend planning and more. Our research shows that companies change and it is management’s treatment of change that is the key to future P/E and forecasting Cost of Equity Capital.