36th Annual DeMarche Client Conference

Sarah Pickert

36th Annual DeMarche Client Conference

September 25-27, 2019 | Kansas City, MO

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September 25-27, 2019
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Hilton President Hotel
1329 Baltimore
Kansas City, MO  64105


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While economists and market analysts debate what the future holds for investors, one thing is certain – it’s time for a Reality Check. Economic expansion has now continued for ten years, but factors such as trade wars and a flattening yield curve are signaling cause for concern. Now is not the time to sit idle and allow the markets to dictate the success (or failure) of your investment program. While the bull market continues its run, apparent risks are presenting themselves, and both uncertainty and volatility are on the rise.

Join us in Kansas City on September 25-27 for the 36th Annual DeMarche Client Conference – Reality Check: Change, Challenges and Opportunities. Together, we will explore the critical issues facing investors today and help everyone to take that honest look in the mirror to see the reality of how their investment portfolios are prepared for what markets may have in store. Our agenda for this year’s conference will include:

Markets and Fiscal Policy

  • Market outlook and economic forecast
  • The Fed, interest rates and your portfolio
  • Asset allocation and global investment opportunities

Portfolio Opportunities and Risks

  • Finding opportunities with alternatives
  • Evolution of private equity investing
  • Continued importance of traditional asset classes
  • Socially responsible Investing – Integration into portfolios

Retirement Readiness in Turbulent Markets

  • Key strategies for enhancing Defined Contribution plans
  • Defined Benefit plan risk management strategies
  • Current trends in Target Date Funds and next generation glide paths