DeMarche Speakers Bureau

The DeMarche Speakers Bureau was established to make available our industry experts to speak on a variety of cutting edge topics relevant to institutional investors, and financial executives.

In its over 40 year history, DeMarche has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops sponsored by the National Investor Relations Institute, the CFA Institute (formerly AIMR), Financial Executives International (FEI), National Association of Corporate Treasurers, Treasury Management Association / AFP, and the Human Resource Management Association (HRMA).

Bridging the gap between academia and practical application, DeMarche’s own Programs in Finance workshops align with the goal of professional programs, to provide educational topics that combine theory and practical instruction to help you meet today’s market challenges.

A leader in finance and investment consulting since 1974, DeMarche Associates has developed research and worked with academics to keep senior finance executives up-to-date on developments in finance and investments. DeMarche has been a leader in applying the concept of benchmarking to indexes, investor relations, peer groups and corporate finance. DeMarche also has led the way on aspects of behavioral finance and in sponsoring academics with fresh perspectives and improved techniques for calculating cost of equity capital.

Because of its early interest in understanding the factors that drive the stock market, DeMarche has become a leading research firm. DeMarche professionals focus on current topics that are critical to investment, corporate finance and investor relations practitioners. Over that past 30 years, DeMarche has sponsored more than 200 workshops, providing clients and prospects the opportunity interact with leaders in the industry and access leading research through and practical applications of it.

Sample Speaker Topics

Fiduciary liability is one of the main concerns of plan sponsors. What are your fiduciary responsibilities in selecting providers and monitoring their ongoing performance? This topic focuses on general guidelines emerging from best practices review.
Whether you’re a savvy investor or a casual observer, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “What is going on in the stock market?” This presentation discusses the state of the current stock market as well as DeMarche’s unique approach to understanding market cycles. A central driver of market returns is determined by the phases of a market cycle. Will value outperform growth? In what environment can we anticipate increasing breadth for the market? Should you increase exposure to small-cap or international equities? We will explain the investment styles that offer the best (and worst) potential given the current state of the market. Such insights can be useful in making rebalancing decisions and establishing risk controls both on a portfolio basis and between individual investment styles.
Is your company fairly valued in consideration of your progress toward achieving your strategic plan? This presentation helps you identify how the investor community perceives your company in terms of life cycle and equity style.
Is it more beneficial to initiate/increase your dividend, buy back stock and/or invest in future growth? DeMarche’ latest proprietary research combined with other academic and industry studies provide important insights to the impact of cash use on your company’s performance.
How do you evaluate your company’s performance? This presentation focuses on changes within a company. Which factors affect your core P/E? Which can control or influence?
This presentation is designed to provide financial professionals better insight into the needs of potential investors, particularly buy-side analysts and portfolio managers. The presenter will provide insights into how institutional investors filter through their investment process, and help you emphasize the key factors that can trigger investment in your company. We’ll also address the significant importance of coordinating your message internally between strategic planning, investor relations, and senior management, before you set your external message.

Based upon more than 30 years of research into returns attribution, DeMarche uses proprietary analytical tools that can help identify key drivers of stock price and unique company characteristics that have the greatest impact on stock performance. You then can use these insights to develop your company’s message to investors, position your company against your peers, target the most appropriate investors and provide management with objective market feedback on enhancing shareholder value.

As humans, we tend to look for simple rules of thumb to help us make decisions. In the world of finance, the search has been for a single factor – or metric – that best explains stock performance. The problem has been this: no single factor or metric works for all stocks all of the time – or even most of the time, for that matter. This presentation addresses the key factors affecting stock price according to extensive research, blending the best of academic theory and Wall Street applications.

DeMarche uses a sophisticated multi-factor approach to identify how different factors affect different stocks in different parts of a market cycle. This approach is based on the premise that stocks are incorrectly priced from time to time. In this presentation, you’ll hear DeMarche experts discuss the factors that you should be watching now, and those you should monitor in the future. We will demonstrate that building a unique blend of factors, individually fitted to your stock, can provide a better basis for measuring and communicating your company’s performance.

This presentation explains stock return, and its dependency on the economy, market behavior, your industry outlook and individual company characteristics. We also focus on the influence from a company’s style – how it affects earnings outlook, momentum, and liquidity factors. Understand why your stock’s P/E is where it is rather than where you think it should be.
Lots of factors. Many metrics. Different markets. How do you evaluate your company’s performance? This presentation focuses on the difference between migrating companies and those that are “holding steady.” From an equity style perspective, migrating companies change over time, such as from a small-cap value to a large growth company. Conversely, there are also those companies that are staying their original course. Which kind of company are you? This presentation focuses on changes within a company. Which factors affect your core P/E? Which can you control or influence? DeMarche experts help attendees apply the concept of company life cycles and determine where their company is in its life cycle now, where it will be in two to five years and what that will mean to the company’s core P/E and its investor base.