Meet The DeMarche Team


When you engage DeMarche, you have access to a staff of professionals with more than 350 years of cumulative experience in consulting, portfolio management, investment research, banking and corporate finance. The broad array of services and diversified expertise of our staff enable us to offer comprehensive consulting to retainer clients or supply expert counsel and implementation strategies for a broad spectrum of specific projects.


Timothy J. Marchesi, CFA

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President

Thomas C. Woolwine

Vice Chairman

Fred V. Cornwell

Chief Administrative Officer


Christina R. Danner, CFA

Senior Consultant

James F. Dykstal, CFA

Senior Consultant

Jeffrey Hoffman

Senior Consultant

Donald H. Lennard

Senior Consultant

Travis Newman

Senior Consultant

Adam J. Strumpf

Senior Consultant

Coleen D. Trimble

Senior Consultant

Peg VanWagoner

Senior Consultant


Market & Manager Research

Mark A. Andes

Manager of Investment Research
& Alternative Assets and Consultant

Luke J. Fields

Investment Manager Research Associate

Mallory S. Gittemeier

Data Specialist

Mike R. Marsh, CFA

Manager of Investment Research & Traditional Assets and Consultant

Julie A. Smith

Senior Investment Manager Research Analyst

Eddie S. Stewart

Account Manager
Research Analyst

Matthew J. Schenone

Investment Analyst


Client Development

Ryan M. Pickert

Client Development and Consultant


Client Services & Research

Jeannette M. Anthony

Project Analyst

Bryan S. Iiams

Project Analyst

Emily Jewett

Manager of Portfolio Accounting

Stephanie Leonard

Portfolio Accountant

Zachary K. Wells

Project Analyst

Administration & Client Support

Barbara E. Beard

Staff Accountant

Pamela Cunningham

Administrative Assistant

Debra K. Higgins

Director of Administration & HR

Landie T. Magwood

Office Assistant


Our Founder


Robert F. Marchesi

1939- 2015

Our founder and leader, Bob was an innovator and thought leader in the investment industry since he founded DeMarche in 1974. With his passing in early 2015 Bob left a vibrant and nationally recognized company to a team of professionals dedicated to continuing and advancing best practices in our industry. Under Bob’s leadership DeMarche has long been recognized for its deep regard for research and analysis. By going deeper than many investment firms do, DeMarche has been able to develop the industry-leading analytical tools described elsewhere in these pages to provide our clients with expert advice based on over 40 years of experience.