About DeMarche


DeMarche Associates was founded in 1974 by the Marchesi family on the principles of knowing markets, managers and research. Since that time, the firm has established a national reputation as a leading investment consultant for major corporations, retirement funds, endowments, foundations and public funds.

Our management, consultants and staff are dedicated to the founding cornerstones of the company:


  • To concentrate on value added activities that enhance client portfolios
  • To know markets and managers better than any other consulting firm
  • To achieve and maintain extraordinary ethical and professional standards
  • To be on the leading edge of investment-related research

Better Decisions for Better Returns

Alternative Investments

Discretionary Services

With more than 300 years of collective investment experience, the consultants are the key strength of the firm. Most have held senior positions directly or indirectly related to investment management with institutions such as investment management firms, banks, and insurance companies.

The firm's first product was Performance Measurement and Evaluation. We began implementing our Manager Research and Search capabilities in 1978 and in 1981, Asset Mix work became the third major capability in our Investment Consulting practice.

In the early 1990s, DeMarche became an adapter of Behavioral Finance through our work with Dr. Robert Haugen and other cutting-edge academics who were challenging the concept of market efficiency. Our work with these academics and new investments in research led to the development of DeMarche's Corporate Finance and Investor Relations practice in 1994. Our ongoing commitment to research in this area remains an influence on our Investment, Corporate Finance, and Investor Relations Consulting practices and product development.

DeMarche continues to be a pioneer of institutional investment research. Our study of long market supercycles has been incorporated into dynamic asset allocation solutions, allowing DeMarche Clients to be more nimble and proactive in the face of volatile markets.