The Evolution of Alternative Strategies

– Maybe Alternative Asset Classes Shouldn’t Be Called “Alternative” Anymore.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
7:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Complimentary Breakfast

InterContinental on the Plaza
401 Ward Pkwy
Kansas City, MO 64112



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There was a time when alternative assets were a rare form of investing reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals and certain institutions. Not anymore. Due to a number of innovations, alternative investments are now available in a wide array of options to a much wider group of investors. Many investment committees think of alternatives as hedge funds and private equity, but there are many other options that can provide potential benefits to portfolios. Come and learn how.

Speaker Details

The panel of speakers we have assembled represents a best of class grouping that will shine a light on different alternatives that offer distinct characteristics.

Tom Bergen, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley will discuss Private Credit opportunities in Traditional Leveraged Credit Markets (TLCM), especially in the small capitalization segment, that may provide investors with compelling risk-adjusted returns.

Jim McCandless, Managing Director at UBS will brief you on the compelling reasons for considering U.S. based farmland as a way to possibly generate competitive risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility and greater stability.

Greg Johnson, CFA, and Director at Parametric will present ways to monetize Volatility Risk Premiums within investing strategies, including selling options, variance swaps and trading in VIX futures.


Candice Szu, Principal at The Carlyle Group will lead us through a way to rethink private equity through a longer term duration fund designed to deploy capital for terms longer than 3-5 years. Within this strategy sponsors may invest in cash generating assets, stable companies with the potential to meaningful current yield.

Chris Long, President of Palmer Square Capital Management will provide us with a thoughtful look at Floating Rate Debt that can help mitigate risk while potentially diversifying a client’s fixed income allocation. He will discuss such vehicles as collateralized loan obligations, bank loans, and certain areas of asset backed securities.

Don Lennard, Senior Consultant at DeMarche and Chair of the DeMarche MARC Alternatives team will moderate the workshop and provide the rationale for DeMarche’s belief that alternative asset classes have a proper place in the consideration of a client’s asset mix strategy. Don’s deep experience in this asset class will help you understand the rationale for considering alternatives as well as how they can provide important benefits in achieving your investment objectives. Don will be joined by his DeMarche colleague, Mark Andes, who will brief us on ways to customize alternative strategies to meet your objectives.

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